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Softens and helps remove overgrown cuticles.


Damaged cuticles give a neglected appearance to nails and make nice hands look dull. 

Its thixotropic formula softens and helps remove overgrown cuticles in one application.


Apply directly on cuticles with the brush.


In a few seconds overgrown cuticles are softened and can be "erased" with the MANICURE STICK wrapped with cotton.


GST Included
  • Apply one coat with brush around the clean contour of the nail.

    Allow to act for one minute and then gently roll back the cuticle with the MANICURE STICK, which has been covered with cotton wool.

    Wash well with soapy water and dry nails before continuing with your manicure.

    Never use a metal instrument to push back cuticle, as this can injure the matrix.

    This product contains potassium hydroxide.

    It is not recommended to use this product on inflamed or injured skin.

  • 🌱 Formulated with 93% of natural origin ingredients.

    Potassium Hydroxide (1.65%), an alkali agent which gives this product its high pH.

    Free from formaldehyde, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate, paraben and fragrance.

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