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Skin Care Kits & Gift Sets

Staying on top of your skincare regimen is hard enough, but finding products that work synergistically to achieve the results you want?

That takes work. Not only are there a huge array of cleansers, serums, masques, mists, oils and moisturisers to choose from, but you also need to apply them in the right order and frequency for optimal results.

Dermalogica’s skincare packs take the guesswork out of your daily routine and help you get started on your skincare journey with Dermalogica.
Whether you’re looking to tackle skin specific issues, from premature skin ageing to acne, or simply want to nourish, hydrate, or brighten your skin, our skincare sets allow you to trial hero formulas and help you create a streamlined skincare regime that addresses, targets and treats your unique skin concerns. They’re also ideal for travel, gym bags and skincare on the go!

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