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facial oils and serums

Your skin condition can change frequently; one day it’s feeling sensitized or tight, the next you’ve woken up with

a breakout developing on your chin! Due to your skin responding to your external environment and internal health, it’s common to experience a variety of skin conditions from one month to the next and our targeted formulas such as face serums and face oils, arm you with potent actives to slot into your regimen to quickly remedy your skin.

Hydrate, brighten, clear and firm your skin with Dermalogica’s collection of advanced facial oils and skin serums.
Our high-performing targeted treatments are enriched with state of the art ingredients that are clinically proven to deliver both instant and long-term results.
These highly active products are specialised formulas with a unique job to perform. They provide a powerful solution to common skin concerns such as sensitivity, dehydration, breakouts, hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and premature skin ageing. Whether you experience a chronic skin condition, or find your skin changes daily, our facial serums and oils can be easily added into your skincare for fast, effective results.  

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