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Penetrating nail hardener

The tip of the nail is the most fragile, most unprotected part of the nail and breaks easily.

This is therefore the part of the nail that needs to be strengthened.

By quickly hardening the nail, MAVALA SCIENTIFIQUE allows soft, flaking or splitting nails to become healthy and strong.

Its formula hardens the nail plate and restores the nail normal growth.

Instantly penetrates.

Is neither a base nor a nail polish.


GST Included
  • Remove your nail polish or any oily film and clean nails thoroughly. Brush on to the free edge of the nails.

    Leave on for one minute to set.

    Apply twice a week at the most until your nails have become heatlhy and strong, then two to three times per month if necessary.

  • Formaldehyde (2.2%), hardener of the nail keratin, and Mavala’s exclusive complex, regenerating, anti-drying and strengthener of nails.

    Free from phthalates and paraben.

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