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Gym for the Skin

Just as we keep our bodies fit and healthy with regular exercise, lasting results are achieved with ongoing skin treatments. Requiring no preparation or
downtime, asap Gym for the Skin workouts are a great
introduction to asap peels.


Treatments consists of 6 different 30-minute Gym for the Skin workouts, each combining a specific asap peel and a selection of serums to create a targeted treatment, that offers instant and long-term visible results.

Qualified asap Professional Skin Therapist Sarah will conduct an evaluation of your skin to choose the appropriate treatment for your Skin workout journey.  


All individual treatments are priced at $99 allow 45mins

(includes 15min for client prep + consultation)


Personal training for your skin, is about achieving your most beautiful skin.

asap have a range of Gym for the Skin treatments, to assist in correcting varying skin concerns.

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